Art on PVC

When most of us think of PVC, we think of pipes and tubing under the sink.

It happens to also be a great material for durable signs and even artwork!

Check out these photos of the use of PVC for decoration, using clean lines for a modern look.

And since it's an inexpensive way to decorate, there are no expensive framing costs. PVC boards hang up well on non-porous surfaces using adhesive strips, so no holes in walls either.

If you can fill up (or mostly fill up) a 4x8 ft board with your custom artwork, we can cut each piece to size and round the corners for a softer look.

It's a great way to express yourself in your space with sleek montages and themed prints. Works wonderfully for family photos, for wall-hangings in homes or businesses.

Questions about PVC or large format printing? Contact us or read about our design services.